6 handy apps – not only for freelancers

In one of the previous posts, we presented some useful tools you should give a go to facilitate your work. Today’s article contains another selection of handy apps that can be used both for and outside of work. Do you know any of these? Would you include any others in the list below?

Six handy apps you should test


Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master is a very useful addition for all of us, who use computers for our daily work. It extends the capabilities of the Windows clipboard with new, interesting options. Some of the most handy ones include remembering all the elements copied into it, instead of just one and a possibility to edit them. Thanks to this you can retrieve previously copied elements at any time and use them on a regular basis. You can also select multiple elements to paste them simultaneously or securely store passwords and logins. In addition, it allows you to quickly insert special characters, or previously prepared elements, as well as create collections from the copied elements. Clipboard Master can be installed in one of three modes – standard, simple and the one aimed at programmers and developers.


TidyTabs is another free application for Windows users. It introduces a convenient option of adding tabs to programs, resembling those we know from web browsers. This allows you to quickly jump between documents and have all of them at hand. Tabs can be easily moved and arranged according to the desired order. You can also group certain programs together (e.g. Excel or Word documents). This can help you better organize your work and save some space on the desktop. After placing the add-on, it is very discreet – the option of tabs appears after hovering the mouse over the top bar. TidyTabs consumes a minimal amount of power and will not slow down the computer when working in the background.


Nitro Pro 11

Nitro Pro 11, the successor of NitroPDF programs, allows you to quickly create, convert, edit, and share PDF files. It is a great alternative to the Adobe Acrobat software. It allows you to easily create standards-compliant PDF documents from almost any file format. Any PDF document created in Nitro Pro can be opened and displayed on any device and its layout will always be the same. The new version of the program is much faster than the previous one and is a perfect combination of a PDF viewer and an editing tool. The most important functions include: preview of PDF files, creating, editing and merging PDF document files together, OCR scanning and adding notes and comments.



Snagit is an easy-to-use program for creating screenshots and recording movies from operations performed on the desktop. The application can capture the entire desktop or a window fragment and also copes with long documents that do not fit on the screen and whose content require scrolling, for example, websites. The app can be particularly useful for collaborative translation projects.


Among numerous handy apps available, you can find one that is a cool project-management application. The tool works as an extensive, fully editable board, where you can add lists with new tasks to complete. Trello’s strength lies in its simplicity. Navigating, moving tasks, editing them, creating new lists, notes, voting on individual options, joining users, notifications – the use of these and many other functions is extremely intuitive and simple. In tandem with great functionality goes the transparent and cleverly designed look of the application.


Focus Booster

It can be recommended especially to those, who have a problem with imposing time limits. If you feel you spend more time doing certain jobs than you can actually afford to, this might be something for you. It was inspired by the well-known Pomodoro technique, which recommends dividing your work into sessions of 25 minutes. The idea behind it is simple: 25 minutes is the optimal time your mind can fully concentrate on a given task. And so, for every 25 minutes of work, you get 5 minutes for rest. But naturally, there is an option to customize the settings and adjust the duration of these sessions. Additionally, you can decide if you want to have special sound effects during the session (clock ticking), depending on whether you find it motivating or annoying.



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