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I became a Déjà Vu user in early 2015. I had tried several other CAT tools before, but DV spoke to my heart as well as my head. I have found that DVX3 is easy to use and learn about, and a comprehensively designed tool in line with what is required from a 21st-century translator. Also, my eyes are grateful for the comfortable interface. Oh, and have I mentioned the technical and human quality of Atril’s staff?

-Cristina Río López, Freelance Translator

All-in-one and user-friendly tool

From alignment, analysis, translation, proofreading to quality assurance – you do it all in Déjà Vu – no add-ons required. The User Interface is designed to make your daily Déjà Vu experience intuitive and straightforward. Customize and hide the Ribbons at your convenience to enhance your productivity. With the customizable Quick Access Toolbar you can access all functionalities you need in a single click.

The Start screen provides quick access to all of your recent files and the creation of new modules. The Ribbon approach ensures all Déjà Vu functionalities are visible and thus available, guiding you through translation best practices. Throughout Déjà Vu, the contextual help guides through all of its functionalities. 

Move the translation grid, Project Explorer, Preview as well as AutoSearch window to where it suits you best. If you’re using a second screen, why not move individual windows there so you can focus on the translation grid?

Assemble, AutoWrite, AutoTranslate, AutoPropagate, AutoCheck, AutoSend and DeepMiner – Déjà Vu’s exclusive and revolutionary technology.

Use Dragon Naturally Speaking with Déjà Vu. Configure your voice commands and work in Déjà Vu entirely using a microphone, without touching your mouse or keyboard!

Apply formatting of your text directly through the ribbon or shortcut keys which are consistent with those of Microsoft Office. Inline formatting also contributes to a considerable decrease in tags within the translation grid.

The Preview window is available in real-time to see changes in the final translated document as you go. Imagine working on a multi-file project with dozens or hundreds of.

Unmatched productivity and consistency

Combine TMs, TBs, Lexicons and MT, all in the same segment

Déjà Vu X3 centralizes all of your resources, for you to configure which – portions of – databases you want to use in your translations. You can configure everything with a few clicks through the new “Translate” feature and apply it directly to “AutoTranslate”, whether you want to use Fuzzy Repair or AutoAssemble, Machine Translation for fuzzy matches or entire segments, Minimum scores for Translation Memory and Termbase separately, Restriction on client, subject and or sub-language specific entries from your databases. Or any of the many other possibilities!

Déjà Vu’s predictive typing – comes directly from your TMs, TBs and even MT – just press enter and the text is automatically inserted.

Leverage new content from your current project to update your matches on the fly.

Repair your fuzzy matches with the help of content directly extracted from your TMs, TBs and even MT. Assemble segments with portions from your TM, entries from TB and also MT. Your TB and TM entries will have precedence over MT!

Complete missing information in your TMs and TBs with the help of MT – your own existing data will be prioritized! Check your selected text in both source and target, translate entire segments, work with your preferred machine translation provider (full integration will 8 providers and growing) and get MT results on the fly from the Deja Vu interface.

The power of Déjà Vu X3

Filters and compatibility

Import and export data seamlessly into and from Deja Vu via 98 different file formats. DVX3 is compatible with third-party CAT-tools (including Trados Studio and MemoQ).

Quality Assurance module with defined and customizable rules: automatically check terminology consistency in your projects and ensure the correct use of formatting, numbers and figures. Automatically check terminology consistency, the placement of tags and the numbers. This can be customized to your taste through unlimited SQL requests (punctuation, non-translatable text, etc.). 

Déjà Vu X3 Professional can handle two different languages simultaneously in a single project, but you can work with any language combination. Déjà Vu X3 Professional will reuse and bring together the information from multilingual databases in any combination of source and target languages.

Set in your projects an automatic database restriction according to client, subject and/or sub-languages for an optimized process with both TMs and TBs. Prioritize certain TMs and TBs and assign penalties to less reliable databases

Déjà Vu X3’s built-in spell checker, Hunspell, highlights spelling mistakes for you. Right-click on the underlined word and choose the appropriate solution from the available suggestions. MS Office spell-checker is also available! A total of 35 different dictionaries are at your disposal. Your language is not included? Simply add your own or download available dictionaries to include them to your proofing options.

Set your translation mode in Déjà Vu X3 indicating if you are translating, proofreading or validating the segments while confirming them. The new segment status Translated, Proofread and Approved thus distinguishes between the different steps of your projects using translation best practices.

A non-nonsense software

No renewal costs for your license. Frequent free updates. Need to move to a different computer? Take your license with you in three clicks – as often as you need.

Our support staff is highly specialized and responsive. Recurring free live online training sessions, permanent access to e-learning videos adn free ressource platform. A lively and united user community