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VOICE by Déjà Vu: Data collection for AI Lifecycle

Our Platform

VOICE is a platform available worldwide for your Data Collection AI Lifecycle.

VOICE allows you to collect human voices in order to achieve successful projects in data sourcing, data annotation and model evaluation by humans.

Our products, IT services, linguistic experts, project managers and resources cover all of your specific data needs for the process of AI and machine learning processes, in any language and specifics.

VOICE Dashboard

250+ languages

We collect for YOU the required data needed for the AI Lifecycle process

Our services include: data collection, audio collection, transcription with a focus on quality.

Several dozens of thousand voices are collected in our platform around the world which enable you to manage data annotation workflows easier and in a more efficient way.

Users can record their voices anytime, anywhere thanks to our user-friendly platform.

VOICE scenario list

575,000+ hours

With completed projects in more than 250 languages, VOICE provides you with the needed resources for your AI projects!

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VOICE participant, 35 years old

"VOICE is highly user friendly! I had so much fun reccording my voice on the platform. I've actually recommended to many of my international friends."


Language Data Specialist

"Thanks to ATRIL's technology VOICE, we manage to collect a wide variety of languages and accents on an exceptionnal timing."

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