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Thousands of translators have put their trust in Déjà Vu X3

With Déjà Vu X3 I can easily import and manage files from other CAT tools, for instance Trados. It is possible to translate SDL Studio packages (.sdlppx files) using DVX3 and SDLXLIFF files can be seamlessly imported and exported like any other file. I will continue to translate using DVX3 and I highly recommend this product to any translators out there who are looking for a good CAT tool that will help increase their productivity.
Helena Anderbjörk
Déjà Vu was my first CAT and came in two floppies, in a plain manila envelope. I have been a devoted fan ever since. It is easy-to-use, no-nonsense software that can deal with most translation situations in a simple and effective way. The new filters, which drastically reduce the number of tags-the bane of most translators-,
are just the cherry on the cake. 
Danilo Nogueira
I have been using Déjà Vu since 2000 and have not and will not consider any other CAT tool. Déjà Vui is simply the best.
Denise Lopes Rodrigues
As a Translator I’ve worked with Déjà Vu since the nineties. At that time, the interface was revolutionary and it was love at first sight. Now, almost 20 years later, Déjà Vu is still my favorite CAT tool, especially thanks to features such as DeepMiner, AutoWrite and the project-specific lexicon. However, to my humble opinion the best feature of all is an oldie: creating a new TM based on several TM’s and delete duplicates. No pollution, thanks, Atril guys!
Nienke Groenendijk
I started working with Déjà Vu almost right from the moment it became available. I never chose to work with any other similar semi-automated translation software, because :
1) the software is affordable, also for individual translators,
2) the support is really very good and very fast,
3) the functions and possibilities of Déjà Vu outweigh those of Trados and similar software,
4) even for a “small” language as Dutch the results of Google Translate and MyMemory – when using these two ones – are flabbergasting.
Luc Ockers
I have been a Déjà Vu user for over 10 years. While I have and use other tools, my main workhorse is always Déjà Vu. Atril is very innovative with new, powerful, translator oriented functions and provides great webinars and support. What more could you want.
Charlotte Brasler
For me, the most valuable Déjà Vu X3 feature is Assemble. I don’t know any other CAT tool that provides such functionality.
Georgiy Moiseenko
I became a Déjà Vu user in early 2015. I had tried several other CAT tools before, but DV spoke to my heart as well as my head. I have found that DVX3 is easy to use and learn about, and a comprehensively designed tool in line with what is required from a 21st-century translator. Also, my eyes are grateful for the comfortable interface. Oh, and have I mentioned the technical and human quality of Atril’s staff?
Cristina Río López
I love Déjà vu because it’s user friendly and cost efficient! It allows you not only to work with multiple file formats but also to share your translations for reviewing via RTF if the reviewer doesn’t have a CAT tool.
Kathy Byrd