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Atril provides a fully integrated translation environment aimed at:

× reducing turnaround time;
× ensuring quality and consistency of your translations;
× protecting your data;
× and saving money.

Bringing together different resources, such as Translation Memories, Termbases and even Machine Translation providers in a single environment, Déjà Vu quickly increases your productivity by avoiding translating the same content again and making sure you stay on message.

Combine Déjà Vu – the first Windows based computerassisted translation tool – with Atril’s translation management software TEAMserver to unleash the full potential of your translation resources for optimal teamwork.

When a human translator is aided by computer software to facilitate the translation process, it is called computer-assisted translation (CAT). At the core of CAT, we find the databases called Translation Memory and Termbase.

A Translation Memory (TM) is a database of translation terms or sentences (called segments) which are stored for reuse in the future. When you translate identical or similar content, the TM will immediately identify these matches and suggest them at the beginning of your translation project (pre-translation) or on-the-fly while you translate (AutoSearch, AutoTranslate and AutoPropagate).

The main advantage is that you do not have to translate again what you already have translated before, improving your turnaround times and lowering your translation costs.

As your TM grows so does the probability of more matches, resulting in faster and more consistent translations.

A Termbase contains terms and related information which are often client or domain specific. Taking precedence over the Translation Memory, it is an indispensable tool to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your translations.

Contrary to MT, which is an automated process carried out by a computer, CAT relies on your own databases (the Translation Memory), i.e. your own past translations, respecting your personal or corporate style and translation accuracy.

Déjà Vu makes it possible to combine TM, TB and MT all in the same unified translation environment. Whether you need to quickly consult a specific term not contained in your own databases or whether you want to pre-translate an entire text with MT before adapting it to your style, Déjà Vu’s integration with an increasing number of MT providers makes it possible to have the best of both worlds.

The integrated alignment tool allows you to create a new TM from scratch by importing your past translated files into Déjà Vu.

You may also import existing Translation Memories from Third Party providers or different tools and even use MT to get a head start. Once you have successfully edited the segments in Déjà Vu, send them directly to your TM for future translations.