Divide & Dispatch: Split your projects in the most appropriate manner possible with the complete set of D&D options. Export to share translation packages in one click, exporting the analysis for each one along subsets of TM and TB if you wish!
Multilingual projects and multilingual databases: You can work with any language combination. Déjà Vu X3 will reuse and bring together the information from multilingual databases in any combination of source and target languages.
Translation Memory and Termbase administration: Import and export data easily, handle duplicates in one go and manage your databases in DVX3.
Powerful batch maintenance of project and database quality: “Select and Execute” commands enable swift yet sophisticated project quality management and database maintenance. The SmartView interface makes it easier than ever to generate these commands and Quality Assurance rules and to save them for future reuse.
Simultaneous access worldwide: Projects, TM and TB are shared in real time all around the world for best productivity!
Real-time database sharing: TEAMServer is a powerful yet flexible solution for sharing large Translation Memory and Termbase repositories over local area networks and the Internet.
Flexible Floating License System: Your TEAMserver package contains a pool of Déjà Vu licenses that you can assign and control smoothly in real time!
WebBased LookUp: WebBased LookUp gives you a web page that’s linked to your TEAMserver, enabling any of the professionals involved in your projects to look up a term, segment or whole sentence in all your databases in a single search.
Real-time Project Reports: A new page in the web interface administrator control panel displays detailed reports and analyses of all your ongoing projects, thus facilitating effective project management.
Flexible security: Individual access control: Users access your TEAMServer databases and a Déjà Vu license (if required) using their own credentials. Enhancing security and flexibility of use, access rights can be modified at any time.
Ensuring confidentiality: Restriction of access to database partitions: Access rights are editable, manageable and customizable, meaning you can always maintain confidentiality by restricting database access to certain partitions of the Translation Memory and Termbase.
Secure database management with multiple permission levels: With multiple permission levels for different users, TEAMServer database management is both safe and easy.
AD Authentification: This new TEAMserver feature increases even further the security of your translation environment by enabling authentication against your Active Directory.
Intuitive administration with easy editing of your Translation Memory and Termbase: The TEAMServer administrator control panel means that editing and deleting Translation Memory and Termbase entries is simplicity itself!
User Tracking Reports: The user tracking report provides the Administrator and project managers with insight into user (translator) performance.
User role customization: Different types of users have been defined in TEAMserver, so there are users with different types of rights on the information and features in TEAMserver.
End-client Access: LSP end-clients might be interested in monitoring the progress of their project(s) and their terminology.