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  • * TM: Translation Memory
  • * TB: Termbase
  • * QA: Quality assurance


Features DVX3
Create Multi-file & Multi-format projects
Edit and save changes in the translation grid
Build a Lexicon
NEW > Multi-file Live Preview X
Multi-file Live Context X
NEW > Inline Formatting
NEW > Change Source vs. TM displayed in Scan and AutoSearch
NEW > TB attributes visible in AutoSearch
Target languages within one project 1 2 24
Maximum TM and TB per target language within one project 1 5 unlimited
NEW > Assign Penalties in TM and TB X
Create, open and edit single file alignment workfile
Create, open and edit Multi-file & Multi-format alignment worfile X
Translation Memory (TM)      
Create TM
Edit segments
Import and Export External Data TMX only
Manage duplicates X
Consolidate TM X
Execute SQL and Select SQL X
Termbase (TB)
Create TB
Edit terms
Import and Export External Data CSV only
Execute SQL and Select SQL X
Editing & Tools
NEW > Confirm segments as: Translated, Proofread, Validated
Create XML Filter
AutoCorrect & AutoText
Join & Split Segments
Row Selector
Create & Store SQL (for row selector) X
Compact Project, TM, TB, Filter, Alignment Project
Repair Project, TM and TB
Security: configure in Project, TM, TB X
Integration with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS)
NEW > Automatic update notification
AutoTranslate, AutoPropagate, AutoCheck X
AutoWrite X
Pretranslate X
Scan & Lookup
DeepMiner statistical extraction X
Guaranteed Matches X
Add segments to TM
Add terms to TB
Send entire project to TM
Send Lexicon to TM X
Send Lexicon to TB X
Resolve Lexicon against TM, TB, DeepMiner, MT X
Connect to TEAMserver X
Use COM+ to share TM and TB X X
NEW > Connection to multiple Machine Translation Providers X
Project Management
Project Explorer
Advanced Project Explorer X
Export Finished Translation - File by file or all files
Export Translated Files From Satellite X X
Export project to XLIFF, Satellite, Trados Workbench for Sharing X X
Reimport XLIFF or Trados Workbench X X
Export project to RTF Word table X
Reimport Word RTF table X
Export Satellite X X
Export TM Subset X X
Export TB Subset X X
Word Count full information
Word Count: w/ separate counts per file X
Analysis X
Import Lexicon X
Export Lexicon X
NEW > Divide & Dispatch X X
NEW > Upload Divide & Dispatch to TEAMserver Platform X X
Quality Assurance (QA)
Check for Terminology consistency X
Batch QA X
Customize QA rules (Execute and Store SQL for QA & batch QA) X
Export to RTF for proofreading X
Pretranslate with Term checks (Quality Assurance) X
Pseudotranslation X
NEW > Advanced Match Filtering X
NEW > Inline Spellchecking inline underlined - no suggestion
EBU filter
ODBC Filter X X
TagEditor, Trados Workbench, SDLXLIFF, ITD
All other filters (XML, InDesign, FrameMaker MIF, YAML, Office, etc...)
  • * TM: Translation Memory
  • * TB: Termbase
  • * QA: Quality assurance


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