You need to implement robust quality control for your language content?


Déjà Vu TEAMserver makes it possible for your translation teams who work on extensive, multilingual and multi-site translation projects to share their translations in real time, increasing productivity, consistency, and quality in translations.

Foster consistency with simultaneous access worldwide

All your TEAMserver users link their projects to your TEAMserver databases simultaneously, using the information in them and sending new segments and terms to the databases as they translate. And of course the Translation Memory and Termbase are instantly updated, allowing everyone to read the information immediately both in the Déjà Vu AutoSearch window and in WebBased LookUp. Consistency as well as productivity is thus inherent in the system, and that's without considering how all this information is leveraged across your project by the integrated array of powerful Quality Assurance tools that Déjà Vu puts at every team member's disposal.

Control consistency – WebBased LookUp

With TEAMserver's new WebBased LookUp you can run a search on any terms or portions at any time to see at a glance whether the translations chosen by different users are consistent.
In addition, the TEAMserver administrator and Project Managers with the appropriate rights will see the username associated with every item displayed on the web page and know exactly who sent it to the TEAMserver database.
This allows you to monitor and follow-up any consistency issues as your projects progress, immediately editing any database entries as required (directly from the administrator control panel), and contacting the appropriate people to nip any problems in the bud.