You want to monitor the progress of your projects in real time?

Déjà Vu TEAMserver makes it possible for your translation teams who work on extensive, multilingual and multi-site translation projects to share their translations in real time, increasing productivity, consistency, and quality in translations.

Real-time Project Reports

A new page in the web interface administrator control panel displays detailed reports and analyses of all your ongoing projects to facilitate effective project management.

What are the benefits for you?  

With just one click, you get an at-a-glance overview of how all your ongoing projects are progressing.

Detailed progress information is also available, allowing your project managers to make an immediate assessment of any scheduling conflicts and take prompt proactive action.

Real-time information allows you to make informed prioritisation decisions and ensure smooth project delivery!

How does it work?

The administrator control panel allows you to choose precisely the level of detail you want displayed in the project monitoring tables according to segment status, target languages and files. Percentage completion progress bars are available at all levels: project, target language and file. And all the information from every member of the team, wherever they are, is of course automatically updated and displayed in real time. Project monitoring couldn't be more straightforward.