You want to share your language content with all your colleagues and partners?

Déjà Vu TEAMserver makes it possible for your translation teams who work on extensive, multilingual and multi-site translation projects to share their translations in real time, increasing productivity, consistency, and quality in translations.

Unlimited real-time read access: WebBased LookUp

WebBased LookUp gives you a web page that's linked to your TEAMserver, enabling any of the professionals involved in your projects to look up a term, segment or whole sentence in all your databases in a single search. The translation obtained is provided as a reference for the user, complete with all its attributes and the occurrences and context of the searched item.

What are the benefits for you? 

Offer the support of unlimited connections to WebBased LookUp!

Access to your web page is completely open, given that you provide the access and it's independent of the number of licenses in your TEAMserver license pool.
That means any professional involved at any stage of the translation process can consult your databases provided you've given them access, enabling them to obtain valuable information as they work, wherever they work, regardless of the CAT-tool they use, or whether they use one at all.

Optimise your processes for maximum consistency, quality and productivity!

How does it work for different users?

Your project managers can look up terms or portions to check and ensure consistency across different translations and users.
Your translators and proofreaders can look up translations in your TEAMserver databases to ensure consistent use of the correct terminology. And that's not all, because a wealth of additional information can also be provided in the attributes of the terms and segments, including definitions, synonyms and context, as well as the occurrences of the searched item in the memory and its global context. And what that means - in a nutshell - is that your users can always make choices that are informed by a full understanding.
Your end clients can also look up terms and usage, ensuring their preferred choices are used both by your teams and theirs - for seamless quality support.

How does it work?

For the administrator

The TEAMserver administrator simply needs to maintain a user list of everyone who's been provided with access to WebBased LookUp. In most cases, this involves no more than assigning each of them a user name and password when they are first entered in the system. The intuitive administrator control panel also makes it easy for your administrator to set full or partial access for WebBased LookUp. They can for example restrict access to only certain clients, subjects or projects in the memory. And they can maintain confidentiality by hiding certain term and segment attributes in WebBased LookUp, such as client and user names. Indeed, that's the beauty of the TEAMserver system: it provides just the information you want, just the way you want it. Nothing more, nothing less - reflecting your professionalism and care.

For the user: Access and LookUp

Wherever a user has Internet access, they can access your WebBased LookUp. They just need to login and search to get a comprehensive answer to their query immediately.
That's because a crucial and unique benefit of the system is that it takes “just one search” (i.e. one item entered in the search field), to immediately and simultaneously obtain results from the Termbase and Translation Memory, as well as a Concordance showing all the occurrences of the searched item, in context, in the Translation Memory. What's more, wildcard characters are also supported, so users can easily carry out global searches for all the variations of a term or phrase.
Making these searches even more powerful, the attributes of terms and segments are systematically displayed, providing translation professionals with helpful additional information, including definitions, antonyms, synonyms and context to help them always work at their best.
And because power is pointless without control, we've designed our WebBased LookUp solution so you can also apply filters on date, user, client, subject and project to ensure usability and relevant at-a-glance searches even with the largest databases.

Share your databases cost-efficiently with an ever-growing number of suppliers: TEAMserver now accessible from Déjà Vu Professional NEW

From now on - and it's going to make a big difference - it's not just users with a Déjà Vu Workgroup license who can access TEAMserver, but anyone with a Déjà Vu Professional license as well. This important change significantly increases the number of professionals who can immediately link your projects to a TEAMserver Translation Memory and Termbase - and without any impact on your license pool!

What are the benefits for you?  

Optimise the number of licenses in your pool, benefiting from the licenses of translators already equipped with Déjà Vu Professional.

Add Déjà Vu Professional licenses to your TEAMserver package at any time, thus minimizing your costs.

Work smoothly with all your partners, colleagues and suppliers who are equipped with Déjà Vu.

How does it work?

For the administrator

The TEAMserver administrator opens the TEAMserver user list and specifies the users who are allowed to connect to the TEAMserver Translation Memory and Termbase from their Déjà Vu software, assigning them credentials with TEAMserver and specific rights. The user list can be much bigger than the number of floating licenses in the license pool. In fact, the number of connections to the TEAMserver database and the number of accesses to Déjà Vu software provided by the floating license mechanism are entirely independent. What’s more, the only limit to the maximum number of users is your hardware capability. TEAMserver, doesn’t impose any limits of its own, resulting in a uniquely flexible and cost-efficient solution.

For the user

Translators owning a license work directly in their own installation of Déjà Vu Professional (or Workgroup), using their own desktop licenses and linking their project to the TEAMserver database.
Translators without a Déjà Vu license access a license from the floating license pool and then link their projects to the TEAMserver database.


Test our WebBased LookUp. Contact us to get your login and password.