You're looking for a server solution that's easy to use and manage?

Déjà Vu TEAMserver makes it possible for your translation teams who work on extensive, multilingual and multi-site translation projects to share their translations in real time, increasing productivity, consistency, and quality in translations.

Real-time database sharing: The TEAMserver concept

TEAMserver is a powerful yet flexible solution for sharing large Translation Memory and Termbase repositories over local area networks and the Internet.

What are the benefits for you?

Empower your teams and translators who work on extensive, multilingual, multisite translation projects by enabling them to share their translations in real time, increasing the productivity, consistency and quality of their work and yours.

How does it work?

TEAMserver extends the capabilities of Déjà Vu Professional and Workgroup for translators working on the same projects, enabling them to share their translations automatically, wherever they are.
Your translators work directly in Déjà Vu as they normally would, but link their project to your TEAMserver databases, so translators working on the same projects immediately benefit from translations added by their colleagues. As soon as one instance of a duplicate segment is translated by one member of the team, none of the other translators needs to translate it again. And of course the new translations also provide additional valuable support through Déjà Vu's many powerful functions, such as DeepMiner and AutoWrite, bringing significant productivity and quality enhancements.

A simplified licensing model: Flexible Floating License System

Your TEAMserver package contains a pool of Déjà Vu licenses that you can assign and control smoothly in real time!
It's never been so easy to manage licenses, both for your users and for you.

What are the benefits for you?

Assign Déjà Vu licenses to users once and the system takes care of the rest!
Optimise the number of licenses in your pool, making the most of user time zone differences and users who already have their own Déjà Vu licenses.
View the real-time status of your license pool and reorganize it in just a couple of clicks!

How does it work?

For the administrator

The administrator or project manager can assign Déjà Vu licenses to the users in the Administrator control panel at any time, either specifying an expiry date or giving unlimited access to the license.
When a user activates Déjà Vu with a floating license and works in the CAT tool, that license is temporarily removed from the pool. But as soon as the user closes Déjà Vu, the license is freed up to return to the license pool, meaning you can easily assign Déjà Vu licenses to more users than the number of licenses in your pool. Isn’t that magic?

You can monitor the status of your license pool in real time at any time from the Administrator Control Panel, checking how many licenses are currently assigned and available from your pool and who is using the activated licenses. If there are any conflicting connections or an emergency arises, the administrator can instantly disconnect any user manually, freeing the related licenses for others to use.

For the user

In everyday use, TEAMserver is completely transparent to the user. And even when starting a project, life couldn't be easier. The unlicensed user simply requests a floating license directly via the Déjà Vu interface when opening it, entering the TEAMserver URL and login credentials provided by the administrator. That's it. They’re then ready to go!