Latest update

March 2017 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.744

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.738 to DVX3 9.0.744


  1. Added support for Baidu Translate as a Machine Translation provider.
  2. Added support for highlighting AutoSearch results in the source text.
  3. Added support for Azure-based API key authentication for Microsoft Translator.
  4. Added support for processing embedded HTML in RESX files.


  1. Improved handling of invalid language IDs in projects created through the API.
  2. Improved handling of RTF External Views edited on macOS.
  3. Improved handling of hidden text in IDML files.
  4. Improved handling of entities in embedded HTML.
  5. Fix for issues with hidden characters at the end of paragraphs in Word Live filter.
  6. Update "Last Modified" time stamps when reimporting External Views.
  7. "Delete All Pairs" option now forces update of all sentence pairs when sending to TEAMserver.


July 2016 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.738

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.736 to DVX3 9.0.738


  1. Added support for accepting/rejecting individual segments when reimporting satellite projects.
  2. Improved round-tripping of line endings in SDLXLIFF files (especially for files with mixed CRLF and LF line endings).
  3. Added support for additional languages in Microsoft Translator.


  1. Fix for issues with incorrect preference of TM portions over Termbase terms.
  2. Fix for issues with mixed CRLFs in tags that span multiple lines of TMX and XLIFF files.
  3. Fix for issues with missing formatting markup when exporting InDesign IDML files.
  4. Fix for issues with aligning IDML files.
  5. Fix for errors during IDML import.
  6. Fix for hang when importing IDML with large amounts of embedded markup.
  7. Fix for issues importing InDesign CC 2014 and 2015 files.

February 2016 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.736

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.730 to DVX3 9.0.736


  1. Added support for PangeaMT.
  2. Added support for handling of non-translatables in SDLXLIFF files.
  3. Improved handling of XLIFF files with malformed headers.
  4. Improved handling of invalid characters and mixed line endings in XLIFF files.
  5. Improved round-tripping of custom state-qualifier values in XLIFF files.


  1. Removed heuristics to hide "non-translatable" segments in XLIFF files.
  2. Updated confirmation status icons.
  3. Performance improvement for internal repetition calculation in "each file" mode.
  4. Fix for crash when opening existing project with RTL languages.
  5. Fix to prevent adding target languages to existing projects when limit has been reached.
  6. Fix for segment status not being updated in Ribbon after removing confirmation status.
  7. Fix for segment confirmation status not being cleared after changing the case of selected target text.
  8. Fix for Microsoft Translator connectivity check.
  9. Fix for missing encoding declaration in XLIFF External Views.
  10. Fix for issues with Sogou Pinyin IME under Windows 7.
  11. Fix for broken embedded codes in RTL languages.
  12. Fix for error when exporting SDLXLIFF with empty target segments.
  13. Fix for cases where joining across XLIFF trans-unit boundaries is incorrectly allowed.
  14. Fix for issues with invalid XLIFF External Views due to invalid XML characters.
  15. Fix for crash when exporting translated TMX file from project.
  16. Fix for error when collecting Asia Online results during Pretranslation.
  17. Fix for Excel Live filter importing hidden sheets.
  18. Fix for issues with removing SDLXLIFF comments.
  19. Fix for crash when importing XLIFF file with processing instructions.

July 2015 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.730

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.723 to DVX3 9.0.730


  1. Added updated help files for Déjà Vu X3.
  2. Added support for removing confirmation status when a confirmed segment is edited.
  3. Added support for locking editing of source segments by default (you can unlock them with Alt+F2).
  4. Added support for regular expressions in Find & Replace.
  5. Added support for detecting and replacing non-translatables in fuzzy match repairs:
    • When Déjà Vu X3 tries to identify the translation for the term(s) being replaced, it will use the source term itself if it can't find an official translation in the lexicon, TB(s) and/or TM(s).
    • If the source term being replaced has been deemed to be non-translatable (no translation for it was available, and same source term was found in the translated segment of the fuzzy match) the replacement term is also considered to be non-translatable; in other words, if no translation for it can be found in the lexicon, TB(s) or TM(s), Déjà Vu X3 will simply insert the source term.

  6. Added support for ignoring minor differences in font scaling, spacing, position and kerning in Word Live filter, to reduce the number of extraneous codes in documents converted from PDF files.
  7. Added support for new productivity tracking functionality in the upcoming new version of TEAMserver.
  8. Added new XML filter definition file for Infix XML.


  1. Fix for non-extracted single letters when followed by colon.
  2. Fixes for several issues with exporting translated documents with the Word Live filter.
  3. Fixes for several issues with paragraphs nested inside shapes and drawings in Word Live filter.
  4. Fix for issues with inline structured document tags in Word Live filter.
  5. Fix for incorrectly hidden embeddable tags in Author-it XML files.
  6. Fix for issue with conversion of LF line breaks to CRLF in SDLXLIFF files.
  7. Fix for issues with empty self-closing tags in SDLXLIFF files.
  8. Fix for issues with hidden exact matches in TXML files.
  9. Fix for issue with exporting translated Transit NXT project with source files inside subfolders.
  10. Fix for issues with automatic update notifications.
  11. Fixes for several issues with Pretranslate.
  12. Fix for "switch to" errors when using COM+.
  13. Fix for issue with exporting local termbases to TEAMserver.
  14. Fix for performance issue when sending tracked project status updates to TEAMserver when in All Files view.
  15. Fix for issues with status updates of projects tracked in TEAMserver.
  16. Fix for issues with permissions when tracking a project with TEAMserver.
  17. Fix for issues with language support when sending to TEAMserver TM.
  18. Fix for issues with floating license disconnection with TEAMserver.

January 2015 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.723

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.721 to DVX3 9.0.723


  1. Fix for PowerPoint export issues.
  2. Fix for extraneous codes surrounding half-width characters in Japanese Word documents in the Office Live filter.
  3. Fix for issue with exporting IDML file with locked text frames.
  4. Fix for issues with Japanese and Korean input.
  5. Fix for issue with TEAMserver Pretranslation.
  6. Fix for TEAMserver AutoSearch ignoring TM and TB Read checkbox.
  7. Fix for TEAMserver passwords not being persisted correctly.
  8. Updates to French UI localization.
  9. Updates to Dutch UI localization.

December 2014 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.721

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.706 to DVX3 9.0.721


  1. Completely rewritten Adobe InDesign IDML filter with support for inline formatting, fewer codes and faster import and export.
  2. Added support for ignoring locked text frames when importing Adobe InDesign IDML files.
  3. Replaced the PDF converter component used by the PDF filter, for improved inline formatting and preview capabilities.
  4. Added support for specifying whether to use textboxes for layout (rather than "flowing" text) when converting PDF files (useful for PDFs with tables).
  5. Added support for using the PDF converter in Word 2013 to perform PDF to DOC conversions in the PDF filter.
  6. Added support for importing and exporting comments in SDLXLIFF files
  7. Added support for handling compressed XLIFF (XLZ, MQXLZ) files transparently in the XLIFF filter.
  8. Added support for XLIFF External View export in Déjà Vu X3 Professional.
  9. Added support for synchronizing client and subject lists with TEAMserver.
  10. Added Dutch UI translation (courtesy of Janine Kiebert).


  1. Fix for issues with incorrectly shared primary language IDs.
  2. Fix for inability to properly set the option to Process Embedded HTML in some cases.
  3. Fix for missing import options for Office Live filter in FILE > Options > Filters.
  4. Fix for missing embedded HTML in exported Excel files in Office Live filter.
  5. Fix for issue with mismatched inline elements when exporting DOCX files in Office Live filter.
  6. Fix for extraneous codes when switching between double- and single-byte runs in Word documents in the Office Live filter.
  7. Fix for issues with formatted text in field codes in Word documents in the Office Live filter.
  8. Fix for multiple issues with PowerPoint files in the Office Live filter.
  9. Fix for issue with inline grouped shapes when exporting Word documents in the Office Live filter.
  10. Fix for incorrect handling of field contents in hidden text in Word files in Office Live filter.
  11. Fix for incorrect export when ignoring comments in Word document in Office Live filter.
  12. Fix for issue with handling of drawing text in Word documents in Office Live filter.
  13. Fix for incorrect re-segmentation of certain SDLXLIFF files.
  14. Fix for incorrectly placed DOCTYPE declaration in XLIFF filter export.
  15. Fix for incorrect escaping of curly braces in non-extractable segments in XLIFF files.
  16. Fix for issue with incorrect decompression of certain compressed XLIFF files.
  17. Fix for incorrect display of attribute data types in termbases.
  18. Fix for incorrect sorting of folder name in the Project Explorer.
  19. Fix for issue when enumerating recent file registry values at startup.
  20. Fix for issue with handling of line breaks, paragraph breaks and multiple tabs in RTF EVs.
  21. Fix for issue with incorrect file extension when exporting Trados RTF EVs.
  22. Fix for issues with TEAMserver floating licenses over TCP.
  23. Fixed inconsistencies between local and TEAMserver TM match scoring.
  24. Fixed issues with match sorting (translation date instead of source date).
  25. Improved handling of inline formatting marker codes in match scoring.
  26. Fix for issue retrieving exact TM matches for number-only segments.
  27. Fix for crash when minimizing wizards.
  28. Workaround to force Word to reload custom dictionaries after adding words.

May 2014 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.706

Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.698 to DVX3 9.0.706


Engine (General)

  1. Fix for issue with preview skeleton in PNG export.
  2. Fix for issues with Asia Online.

Microsoft Office (Live) Filter

  1. Fix for issue with exporting when inline formatting is applied to inline tags.
  2. Fixed issues with text directionality when exporting.
  3. Fix for issues with joining across paragraphs/cells in PowerPoint and Excel files.
  4. Fix for issue when exporting Word document with text inside a grouped shape.
  5. Fix for issue with hidden text in Word field results being extracted.
  6. Fix for incorrectly placed source and target comments when exporting Word file.
  7. Fix for issue with Excel segments that have been joined and re-split.
  8. Fix for incorrectly placed source and target comments when exporting Word file.
  9. Fix for issue with Excel segments that have been joined and re-split.
  10. Fix for issues with character encoding in code-only segments in PowerPoint and Excel files.
  11. Fixes for multiple issues with PPT files.
  12. Fix for issue with mismatched formatting runs in PowerPoint files.
  13. Fix for issue with enumerating SmartArt objects in PowerPoint files.
  14. Fix for issue with empty text boxes PowerPoint files.
  15. Fix for issue with preview of PowerPoint files with embedded objects.
  16. Fix for issue with duplicated or missing text in exported PowerPoint files.
  17. Fix for PowerPoint slide notes being imported twice.
  18. Fix for issue with PowerPoint master slides.
  19. Fix for issue with text boxes in PowerPoint notes master.
  20. Fix for issue with missing handout master slide in PowerPoint presentations.
  21. Fix for issue with date and page number fields in PowerPoint files.

Microsoft Word/RTF Filter

  1. Fix for crash when exporting DOC/RTF file with non-ASCII characters in hidden text before first segment.

Transit NXT Filter

  1. Removed code check when exporting Transit NXT files.
  2. Fixed incorrect handling of last modified dates.
  3. Fixed issue with code-only segments.

XLIFF Filter

  1. Fix for loss of single trailing punctuation symbol after last code when processing embedded HTML.
  2. Fix for issue with segments with embedded HTML inside quotes.

XLIFF (External View)

  1. Fix for issue reimporting XLIFF External View where <seg-source> tags have been removed.

UI (General)

  1. Added Simplified Chinese translation for the UI.
  2. Updated Russian UI translations.
  3. Additional fix for issues with docking pane state persistence.
  4. Fix for issue with missing previews when running import wizards again using the same external Excel file.
  5. Fix for empty language list when using Satellite Export wizard a second time.
  6. Fix for issue with repeated languages in Export Options window.
  7. Fix for crash when changing text directionality.
  8. Fix for issues with Aligner interface.
  9. Fix for issue with context window size in Pretranslate options.
  10. Added support for dynamically disabling conflicting AutoSearch shortcuts which interfere with Arabic keyboards (such as Ctrl+Shift+2).


  1. Fix for Insert Current AutoSearch Segment without Repair not working.
  2. Fix for issue with case conversion when inserting AutoSearch segments.


  1. Fix for various issues with Analyze user interface options.
  2. Fix for incorrect results when using specific TMs in Analyze.

April 2014 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.698

Features and Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.690 to DVX3 9.0.698


  1. Added support for joining segments across paragraph breaks in Offce Live filter.
  2. Added support for exporting segment status highlighting and comments to the Office Live filter.
  3. Added support for extracting index entries in Word files in the Office Live filter.


  1. Updated visual appearance of various wizards.
  2. Performance improvements for Live Preview.
  3. Fix for loss of inline formatting when sending an entire project to the translation memory.
  4. Improved handling of control characters in the Office Live filter (only applies to newly imported files).
  5. Fix for issues with formatted numbered lists in the Office Live filter (only applies to newly imported files).
  6. Fix for issues with incorrectly escaped characters in hidden runs in the Office Live filter (only applies to newly imported files).
  7. Fix for extraneous codes caused by proofing language changes in Office Live filter.
  8. Fix for inconsistent embedded HTML and regular expression support in the Office Live filter.
  9. Fix for inconsistent support for importing comments in Office Live filter.
  10. Fix for issue with revision tracking in Word documents in the Office Live filter.
  11. Fix for incorrect detection of tag-only segments in the aligner.
  12. Fix for character encoding issues in hidden text in RTF and DOC filters.
  13. Fix for issues with hidden text in the Office 2007 Open XML filter.
  14. Fix for issue with screen flicker when AutoSearch is enabled.
  15. Fix for issue with docking pane state not being saved in some cases.
  16. Fix for issues with disabled dockable panes.
  17. Fix for disabled button in FILE > Deliver and Export window when entering non-existent path.
  18. Fix for issues with removing items from the default ribbon or context menu layouts.
  19. Fix for issue with inconsistent text wrapping and missing lines in the translation grid.
  20. Fix for certain File tab actions not working when added to customized ribbon.
  21. Removed overwrite prompt when selecting an existing translation memory in the Alignment wizard.
  22. Restored support for exporting files from full satellites in the Professional version.
  23. Reduced docking pane caption size.
  24. Removed upper case conversion for user and file names in status bar.
  25. Status bar labels and messages no longer appear in upper case.
  26. Fix for project tab set not being shown when opening empty projects.
  27. Fix for error in Batch QA when using invalid SQL filter.
  28. Fix for various issues with customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  29. Fix for incorrect option names in the Export options window.
  30. Fix for issues with exporting translation memories to Excel.
  31. Fix for issue with duplicate detection in translation memories with orphaned translations.
  32. Fix for missing display of unknown client codes when browsing the translation memory.
  33. Fix for issue with missing termbase matches in AutoSearch when using COM+.
  34. Fix for incorrect SQL when selecting Confirmed status in the Build Status Expression window.
  35. Fix for issue with recent file list showing items that no longer exist.

March 2014 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.690

Fixes History from DVX3 9.0.686 to DVX3 8.0.690


  1. Added support for copying information from DVX2 settings file on first execution.
  2. Usability improvements to file path text boxes in wizards and export dialogs.
  3. Fix for Japanese IME issues in translation grid.
  4. Fix for issue with PowerPoint preview.
  5. Fix for issues with line breaks in Excel and PowerPoint files.
  6. Fix for issue with "untranslated" vs. "unconfirmed" in ribbon captions.
  7. Fix for Preview window reappearing after being disabled.
  8. Fix for various issues with the Aligner wizard.
  9. Fix for keyboard focus issues in the redesigned wizards.
  10. Fix for repeated prompt about UI language change.
  11. Fix for overflow when repairing fuzzy matches for extremely long unsegmented paragraphs.
  12. Fix for Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V not working in Add Term Pair and File Properties windows.
  13. Fix for issue with FILE > Options > SQL when a project is open but there is no current view.
  14. Fix for error when attempting to export from File > Deliver tab with no open project.
  15. Fix for error when using Project Explorer commands with no open project.
  16. Fix for issues in TM Import wizard with CSV, TMX and Trados Workbench text TM files.
  17. Fix for issues with horizontal scrolling in single-line new RichEdit controls.
  18. Fix for disabled options being passed to Pretranslate.
  19. Fix for Batch QA not respecting TM match ordering settings.
  20. Fix for error when running Batch QA on all languages in a project.
  21. Fix for missing highlighting when using Ctrl+Shift+S.
  22. Fix for inline formatting markers being counted as codes in Word Count and Analyze.
  23. Fix for incorrect ribbon buttons being shown when certain groups are contracted.
  24. Fix for issue with Populate Current Language.
  25. Fix for crash when restoring customized Quick Access Toolbar.
  26. Fix for Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Shift+E not working with a single AutoSearch window.
  27. Fix for inconsistent UI behavior in Translate and Pretranslate.
  28. Fix for empty All Files not being refreshed when importing file.

February 2014 - Déjà Vu X3 9.0.686

Feature List for Déjà Vu X3 9.0.686


User Interface

The User Interface has completely been redesigned to make your daily Déjà Vu experience intuitive and straightforward:

  • The Start screen provides quick access to all of your recent files and the creation of new modules.
  • The Ribbon approach ensures all Déjà Vu functionalities are visible and thus available, guiding you through translation best practices.
  • Throughout Déjà Vu, the contextual help guides through all of its functionalities.
  • Customize and hide the Ribbon at your convenience to enhance your productivity.
  • With the customizable Quick Access Toolbar you can access all functionalities you need in a single click.
  • Move the translation grid, Project Explorer, Preview as well as AutoSearch window to where it suits you best. If you’re using a second screen, why not move individual windows there so you can focus on the translation grid?

Inline Formatting

Apply formatting of your text directly through the ribbon or keyboard shortcuts that are consistent with those of Microsoft Office.

Inline formatting also contributes to a considerable decrease in tags within the translation grid.

Manage All of Your Resources in One Go

Déjà Vu X3 centralizes all of your resources, for you to configure which – portions of – databases you want to use in your translations.

You can configure everything with a few clicks through the new Translate feature and apply it directly to AutoTranslate, whether you want to use

  • Fuzzy Match Repair or Assemble,
  • Machine Translation for Fuzzy Match Repair or entire segments,
  • Minimum scores for Translation Memory and Termbase separately,
  • Restrictions on client, subject and or sub-language specific entries from your databases,
  • Or any of the many other possibilities.


Live Preview & Source Context

Multi-file Live Preview for Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint

With Déjà Vu X3’s new Live Preview, you can follow your translation progress within Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in real time.

You do not even need to have Office installed!

Multi-file Live Preview for Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Imagine working on a multi-file project with dozens or hundreds of files in different folders and subfolders. The Live Preview and Source Context will make sure you keep control over your source and target files.

Multi-file Source Context

For non-Office file formats, the Preview window shows the source context of your segment, extremely useful for localization project and IT related formats where important information on your file is displayed directly in Déjà Vu.


Quality Assurance

Inline spell-checker

Déjà Vu X3’s built-in spell checker, using Hunspell, highlights spelling mistakes for you. Right-click on the underlined word and choose the appropriate solution from the available suggestions.

A total of 46 different dictionaries are at your disposal. Your language is not included? Simply add your own or download available dictionaries to include them to your proofing options.

Comparing source to TM segment

Monitor all changes between your source segment and Translation Memory directly in the AutoSearch Window. The display of differences between source and segments improves your productivity especially when post-editing fuzzy matches. The changes are displayed in the Scan function as well.

Viewing Termbase attributes

If you need to access all the information related to your terms, such as gender, context and all attributes of your termbases, have a look at your term in AutoSearch, and view all the attributes related to it from there!

If you need to access all the information related to your terms, such as gender, context and all attributes of your termbases, have a look at your term in AutoSearch, and view all the attributes related to it from there!

New Segment Statuses: Translated, Proofread, Approved

Set your translation mode in Déjà Vu X3 indicating if you are translating, proofreading or validating the segments while confirming them. The new segment status Translated, Proofread and Approved thus distinguishes between the different steps of your projects using translation best practices.


Filters and Interoperability

Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Déjà Vu X3 has new Office filters that result in industry-leading import speed for Word, Excel and PowerPoint while considerably reducing the number of tags in the translation grid.


When preparing an XLIFF file with different tools, embedded HTML may result which would appear in the translation grid. The new XLIFF filter converts embedded HTML into tags, contributing to a neater translation environment.


Import SDL Trados Studio files into Déjà Vu X3 more easily with the improved XLIFF filter.


This human-readable data serialization format serialization format can now be imported directly into Déjà Vu X3.


For improved handling of QuickSilver files use this updated filter.



Database restriction

Set in your projects an automatic database restriction according to client, subject and/or sub-languages for an optimized process with both TEAMserver and large local databases.

Update notifications

Atril will be releasing regular updates for your Déjà Vu X3 license. With the automatic update notification you can trust that you are working with the latest available Déjà Vu X3 version and always benefit from the latest improvements and features.

February 2014 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.641

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.640 to DVX2 8.0.641


  1. Added support for handling of inline formatting marker codes to allow interoperability with Déjà Vu X3.


  1. Fix for issue with floating license renewal over TCP.
  2. Fix incorrect ordering of <source> and <target> in exported XLIFF files.


November 2013 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.640

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.633 to DVX2 8.0.640


  1. Improved handling of code-only segments with embedded white space.
  2. Numerous improvements to Interleaf/QuickSilver filter.
  3. Updated Office 2007 filter definition to add support for text in certain diagram types.


  1. Fix for compatibility issues with Windows 8.1.
  2. Fix for issue with edits not being saved in TM filtered view.
  3. Fix for issue with full-width numbers in QA numeral checks.
  4. Fix for issue with Pretranslate returning fuzzy matches when asked for exact only.
  5. Fix for issues with language selection in the Export Options window.
  6. Fix for issue with unescaped ampersands in XML files.
  7. Fix for issue with positioning of cursor after inserting AutoSearch portions.

May 2013 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.633

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.620 to DVX2 8.0.633


  1. Support for WordFast Pro TXML files
  2. Support for Transit NXT PPF files
  3. Support for unsegmented SDLXLIFF files
  4. Support for Asia Online as an Machine Translation provider (only for Pretranslate)


  1. Fix for issue with satellite export wizard allowing export to non-existent paths.
  2. Improved handling of mismatch numbers in source and target for propagation and match repair.
  3. Improved handling of capitalization in AutoWrite.
  4. Fix for incorrect retrieval of previously assigned MT providers.
  5. Minor improvement to non-breaking space handling in TB lookups.
  6. Fix for problem with Yen symbols in fuzzy matches.
  7. Fixed inconsistent scoring of client and subject attributes between TM and TB.
  8. Improved portion selection algorithm in Assemble to taking into account portion score when computing the best coverage.
  9. Fix to replicate original behavior in Send to TM dialog before Finished and Locked status value were made non-exclusive.
  10. Improved handling of ICML files.
  11. Fix for issue with object reference caching in Engine when using forward slashes in TM/TB file names.
  12. Improved handling of half- and full-width numbers when translating into Asian languages.
  13. Fix for fuzzy propagated translations (due to number mismatches) overwriting exact propagated segments.
  14. Improved support for connections through proxy servers when using MT providers.
  15. Improved handling of sublanguages with different scripts (e.g. Chinese Simplified vs. Traditional).
  16. Fix for issue when adding server TB after local TB.
  17. Fix for issue when exporting certain SDLXLIFF files.
  18. Fix for issue with reading shared settings location from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  19. Minor improvements for Asia Online.
  20. Fix for issue with comments when exporting Transit files.

March 2013 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.620

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.611 to DVX2 8.0.620


  1. Support for uploading packages directly from Divide & Dispatch to the new TEAMserver project platform.
  2. Support for MyMemory as a Machine Translation provider.
  3. Support for customizing duplicate marking behavior in Analysis and Word Count.


  1. Improved handling of embedded codes in duplicate marking behavior.
  2. Consistent duplicate marking behavior across projects (including Divide & Dispatch) and External View filtering.
  3. Fix for issue with the Upload (to TEAMserver) button in Project > Properties when tracking has been enabled but changes have not yet been applied.
  4. Improved progress reporting for Divide & Dispatch export.
  5. Fix for issue with missing file in the Divide & Dispatch package contents preview.
  6. Fix for issue with language selection in the Divide & Dispatch options.
  7. Fix for issues with exporting empty packages or languages from Divide & Dispatch.
  8. Fix for issues with duplicate filtering in Divide & Dispatch.
  9. Fix for issues with Divide & Dispatch filtering when using a saved SQL statement.
  10. Fix for issue when Divide & Dispatch filtering excludes all segments from a file.
  11. Improved handling of conflicting filtering settings in the Divide & Dispatch options.
  12. Improvements to handling of punctuation surrounding portions in Assemble.
  13. Improvements to number handling in Assemble and fuzzy match repairs.
  14. Improvements to fuzzy match scoring to prevent false exact matches.
  15. Fixes for several stability issues.
  16. Fix for issue with AutoSend not sending some translations when using Alt+Down and AutoPropagate is active.
  17. Fix for segments with mismatched numbers in the source and target being propagated as exact.
  18. Fix for focus issues when using Undo.
  19. Fix for issue with color selection in Windows XP.
  20. Fix for issue with hidden text not being ignored after running CodeZapper.
  21. Fix for issue with capitaliation of portions with two or more leading codes.
  22. Fix for issue with score computation when a project created through the API has no subject tag.
  23. Fix for issue with "Delete all pairs previously sent from this project" being applied when option is disabled.
  24. Fix for issue with AutoSearch/Assemble not searching for entire segment portion when segment is present as a fuzzy match below the minimum score.
  25. Fix for TM and TB "Execute SQL" menu showing SQL filters instead of statements.

December 2012 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.611

Divide & Dispatch Module

Divide & Dispatch is a project management module available in Déjà Vu X2 Workgroup. The function divides a project into several translation packages according to a set of options, and exports these translation packages to be translated and/or proofread.

Access the menu option File > Export > Divide & Dispatch to use it.

With Divide & Dispatch you can:

  • Customize the settings according to your policy
  • Dispatch the project according to the workload
  • Use any export format for compatibility
  • Fine-tune the results
  • Export an analysis with each package
  • Export all translation packages in one go

Penalties on Translation Memories and Termbases

While creating a project and in your project properties you can:

  • Prioritize your Translation Memories and Termbases by the order you sort them in
  • Assign penalties to certain databases to reduce their scoring - the percentage you enter is the percentage that will be subtracted from the scoring of your segment
  • In the project properties, assign Translation Memories and Termbases to all languages in your project or to specific one(s)

Multiple Machine Translation providers

During project creation and in the Project Properties dialog you can:

  • Assign multiple Machine Translation providers
  • Prioritize your Machine Translation provider by the order you sort them in
  • In the Project Properties dialog, select Machine Translation engine(s) for all languages in your project or for specific one(s)

Improved TEAMserver response times

AutoSearch response times for projects using TEAMserver have been significantly reduced.

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.585 to DVX2 8.0.611


  1. Divide & Dispatch
  2. Penalties for TMs and TBs
  3. Multiple assignment of MT providers
  4. Per-language assignment of MT providers


  1. Fixed issue with TEAMserver floating licenses not being released when closing the program.
  2. Fixed issue with missing subfolder when exporting Serbian translations.
  3. Fix for out-of-bounds error when removing extra codes from a TM match.
  4. Fix for issue with only 20 results being returned by TEAMserver AutoSearch.
  5. Fix for inconsistent duplicate counts between Word Count and Analyze.
  6. Improved Pretranslate performance when working with TEAMserver.
  7. Updated Office2007.dvflt to handle content controls in Microsoft Word documents.
  8. Improvements to the MultiTerm TXT import, including automatic alignment and improved default mapping of attributes.
  9. Improved handling of imported unmapped category values in the termbase UI.
  10. Fix to problems with Systran web service response size.
  11. Fixed issue with <span> tags appearing in SYSTRAN results.
  12. Fixed issue with word count not being set when adding a lexicon entry.
  13. Fixed issue that caused crashes when trying to add/remove languages from an existing project.
  14. Fix for invalid XML characters returned by Microsoft Translator.
  15. Fix for issues with <? ?> tags in the HTML filter.
  16. Fix for 255-char limit in saved SQL statements and filters.
  17. Added support for Trados WB files with the BAK extension (from Wordfast).
  18. Improved handling of spaces when inserting AutoSearch portions that overwrite selected text.
  19. Fixed issue with separate edit boxes not being updated when switching views using the row selector.
  20. Improved AutoWrite handling of suggestions from MT results.
  21. Fixed minor display issue in AutoSearch when client or subject is not set.
  22. Improved fuzzy match pre-scoring heuristics to prevent discarding valid matches based on length differences

Training videos

September 2012 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.585

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.572 to DVX2 8.0.585


  1. Support for re-segmenting XLIFF files during import
  2. Improved mapping of segment status values in XLIFF files
  3. Improvements to the QuickSilver/Interleaf filter
  4. Correct handling of <HyperLinkTextSource> and <XMLElement> tags in InDesign IDML filter
  5. Improved handling of text in shapes in Office 2007/2010 filter
  6. Full revision of the localization of the User Interface in French
  7. Improvements to the localization of the User Interface in German
  8. Improvements to the localization of the User Interface in Spanish
  9. Added support for combining Finish and Locked status values for a single segment (for improved interoperability via XLIFF)
  10. Added support for XLIFF files with the .mqxliff extension
  11. Support for new Machine Translator engines: PROMT Translation Server and
  12. Added support for specifying a category for Microsoft Translator (to use custom Machine Translation engines trained in the Microsoft Translator Hub)
  13. Added support for all of the languages supported in Windows 7 and Windows 8
  14. Improved performance of Project Explorer progress reporting in very large projects
  15. Added support for FrameMaker 11


  1. Changing views in the translation grid while working in the separate edit area now saves the segment correctly
  2. Spaces at the end of multiple matches are now counted properly when checking missing spaces during export
  3. Greek characters are now correctly exported in MIF v6.x and v7.x files
  4. Changed font enumeration in the Project > Properties > Font Mapping settings to display "old" font substitute entries such as "Arial Greek" to match what is displayed by Adobe FrameMaker
  5. The source selection in the translation grid is no longer reset after calling functions which only update the target
  6. XML files with multiple line feed (LF) characters inside a single segment are now imported correctly
  7. Applying spelling suggestion changes in the Termbase no longer adds extra spaces at the end
  8. Translation Memory entries with invalid project ID assignments are now displayed properly
  9. Improved handling of XML files with embedded HTML, particularly those with unclosed or mismatched tags
  10. The full project translation view is now correctly refreshed when a file is removed from the project
  11. The Termbase target context menus no longer invoke actions on the source grid
  12. Fixed an accelerator key clash in the English version of the Find and Replace dialog
  13. Fixed an error in the handling of comments surrounding large groups of tags in XML files
  14. Highlighting of the current segment when using "See In Context" now handles single CR and LF characters correctly
  15. Fixed issues with the Lexicon when working with Chinese as the source language
  16. Duplicate removal or consolidation procedures which result in the removal of the current segment no longer cause an error
  17. Fixed issues with language mapping when exporting Translation Memories to TMX
  18. Invalid activation keys are no longer reported as exceeding the activation count
  19. Improved handling of TTX files generated from SDLXLIFF files
  20. Manual propagation of segments with exact propagation candidates now works correctly
  21. Improved handling of incorrectly formed XML directives in the HTML filter
  22. Fix for issue reimporting certain Pack & Go satellites
  23. Improved conversion of decimal and thousand separators in numbers inside Translation Memory portions
  24. Termbase templates now appear correctly in the Termbase creation wizard
  25. Termbase source toolbar actions now map to the right entry
  26. Full segment matches from the Termbase no longer "hide" full matches from the Translation Memory
  27. Improved handling of fuzzy match repairs involving multiple differences
  28. SQL filter conditions containing OR clauses no longer result in Lexicon entries being displayed in file views
  29. The Accept All Multiple matches option now works correctly in SQL filtered views
  30. Invoking the Find dialog without selected text no longer resets the "Find What" box
  31. The position and dimensions of the Aligner grid window dimensions are now restored correctly when a secondary monitor is disconnected
  32. Fixed an issue with reimporting certain External Views in Trados Workbench format
  33. Fixed issues with renaming/removing files and folders in the Project Explorer after adding a new folder
  34. Status bar notifications are now shown correctly when calling functions using toolbar buttons instead of key combinations
  35. The percentage of a segment is now reset when using the "Reset Segment Status" option
  36. Fixed issues in Termbase export when mapping values for attributes that apply to all lemmas
  37. Fixed an issue with invalid XML characters interfering with calling AutoSearch in TEAMserver
  38. Fixed an issue when adding files with wildcards to the root folder of a project using the API
  39. Fixed a minor display issue in the start page of the Memory Import wizard
  40. Improved handling of quotes and nested quotes in JavaScript files
  41. Exporting segments with comments no longer results in invalid SDXLIFF files
  42. Improved firewall and proxy support when connecting to TEAMserver
  43. Fixed some issues with guaranteed matching when using TEAMserver
  44. Fixed an issue in the AutoSearch duplicate filtering code
  45. Fixed an issue with selecting saved SQL filters or statements
  46. Fixed additional issues with font display in the translation grid.
  47. Fix for crash when analyzing projects which contain empty files
  48. Fixed an issue with under buffer overflow prompt ignoring user reply
  49. Fixed an issue with Ctrl+Shift+K (Toggle Locked Status) for German UI
  50. Various fixes to the UI translations

July 2012 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.572

Machine Translation Module - Second release

Machine Translation quick user guide to use the module and get all its benefits!

Download it here and use the Machine Translation module straight away!


Combine your databases with Machine Translation intelligently for more productivity

Machine Translation has now become incontrovertible in the translation industry. At ATRIL, we put all our efforts into providing the best possible help to all the players in translation industry. As a result, we have designed a Machine Translation module within Déjà Vu X2 that has a comprehensive set of options to provide full flexibility and customization. Machine Translation can be applied at different levels, and in particular you can combine your Translation Memories and Termbases with Machine Translation entries.

We consider that a match repaired with Machine Translation will usually be better than a normal fuzzy match, and better than an entire Machine Translated segment. Your own data is considered to be of higher quality and will always have priority over the Machine Translation results.


Advanced Machine Translation Module in Déjà Vu - Complete set of options for full flexibility and customization

  1. Use Machine Translation at any level you'd like: project, file, segment, sub-segment and term level, after defining your favourite settings in a mere click.
  2. Déjà Vu AutoSearch window can display Machine Translation results: insert it smoothly in a single click or shortcut if the translation is right.
  3. Hit the road to success with the Translation Memory and Machine Translation smart combination: set up the Assemble and Fuzzy Match Repair options with Machine Translation and post-edit the results in one go with the new “Repaired” status filter.


NEW Integrations

The following Machine Translation Providers are now directly available in Déjà Vu. No need to install Add-ons to use:
  1. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server
  2. Microsoft Translator

Features and Fixes History from DVX2 8.0.555 to DVX2 8.0.572


  1. Limiting the number of whole segment results from the Translation Memory in AutoSearch.
  2. Numerous improvements to the fuzzy match repair mechanism
  3. Improved handling of number repairs, particularly when dealing with spaces which can be interpreted as thousands; e.g. 4 250 can be interpreted as two numbers or a 4250 in French or Russian.


  1. Fixed display issues with Japanese fonts
  2. Fixed display issues with Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi in the aligner grid
  3. Fixed mismatched segments in some Trados Workbench files
  4. Word 2010 no longer locks up when exporting some Trados Workbench files
  5. Fixed import issues for some Trados TagEditor TTX files
  6. Fixed issues with code grouping with using the “Ignore Regex Matches” or “Process Embedded HTML” options in the XML filter
  7. Fixed issues with code display and protection in reimported segments with CRLF pairs
  8. Using Machine Translation when assembling from portions should now work in all cases
  9. Fixed issues with the embedded object Office add-ins when using Office 2007
  10. Assemble now attempts to select the combination of portions that offers the best word “coverage”, rather than the leftmost and longest portions
  11. Machine Translation engine is no longer invoked for segments which contain only numbers, symbols or punctuation
  12. Ctrl+Shift+L is now consistent with Ctrl+Shift+S regarding selected text in the source or target cells
  13. Execute SQL is now shown in the list of commands when configuring keyboard shortcuts
  14. Pressing Ctrl+Down Arrow in segment in a filtered view no longer results in the segment being removed from the view before AutoSend is triggered, and the grid no longer skips a segment
  15. Fixed issues with global search and replace when using the All Files view

Training videos and user guide

May 2012 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.555

PDF Filter & TEAMserver

PDF Support

  1. Newly incorporated PDF converter
  2. Import your PDF files smoothly and export as RTF (for Microsoft Word) while preserving the layout of the original document

A benchmark has proven that:

  1. Déjà Vu X2 provides the fastest PDF file import.
  2. Where other tools fail, Déjà Vu X2 can import even heavy PDF files.
  3. Déjà Vu X2 creates 10 times fewer embedded codes than other tools, thanks to the CodeZapper Macro.

February 2012 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.533

Manage your multilingual TMs in a couple of clicks!

Two new options available in TMs
1. Automatic consolidation merges all non-conflicting translations for the same source segment into a single entry. This means you can get more out of the reverse function and significantly streamline your TM with a mere click.
Consolidate your TM by using the Translation Memory / Consolidate Duplicates menu option, as shown in the screenshot below.

Meaning of consolidation

Consolidation merges entries with translations in different target languages for the same source into a single entry.
If your TM originally contains:

After consolidation the TM will contain:

This results in two main benefits:

The size of your TM can be considerably reduced.
The Reverse function becomes more powerful, since it allows you to work with additional language pairs.
For example, by consolidating the TM entries in the previous example, I will be able to obtain additional translations for various source and target language pairs, as shown in the table below.

: translation is available and displayed in the AutoSearch window.

: translation is not available.
Watch our e-learning video on Consolidation here.
2. Mark and delete duplicates for all target languages at once.
When looking for duplicates in your TM, you now have the possibility to delete all the redundant segments with identical source and target in all target languages at the same time.

You can of course still use this option for one target language at a time.

November 2011 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.519

Support for Google Translate version 2

As from 1 December 2011 Google Translate will be available as a paid service.

However, you can keep using Google Translate from your Déjà Vu environment as before if you want!

To do so, get your own Google account here. Google will provide you with a key and will charge you on a monthly basis. The cost is directly related to your use, on a basis of 20 euros per million characters entered in your Google Translate account. To use the Google Translate function in Déjà Vu as before, first enter your Google API key in the Tools/Options/Machine Translation menu.

Watch our e-learning video to find out exactly how it works.

October 2011 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.505

It's Déjà Vu but it's all NEW: Embedded Objects in Microsoft Office filter

Import and export complex Microsoft Office documents with embedded objects smoothly.

Follow this link to watch our e-learning video and discover how to use the feature.

When updating Déjà Vu X2 to the latest build, Déjà Vu X2 automatically installs add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007/2010, which are visible in the ribbon as a new group labelled Déjà Vu X2. There are two possible file types with embedded objects you can process with DVX2.

First case: your source document has been created with Microsoft Office 2007/2010

  1. Import the document into a Déjà Vu X2 project, making sure to select the Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Open XML as the filter in the File Properties window. You can then carry out the translation and export your translated documents.
  2. When opening the exported file, click on the “Refresh All Objects” button on the Déjà Vu X2 ribbon tab to be able to see the translated embedded objects.

Second case: your source document has been created or partly created with Microsoft Office 2003

  1. To check if your document contains legacy Microsoft Office 2003 objects, open it in Microsoft Office 2007/2010. Click on the “Check All Objects” button on the Déjà Vu X2 ribbon tab. This will provide you with the information on the number and type of embedded objects included in your document.
  2. If your document contains legacy Office 2003 objects, click on “Convert All Objects To Office 2007/2010”. This will convert your document and its embedded objects to the 2007/2010 format. Close the document.
  3. You can now import the document into a Déjà Vu X2 making sure to select the Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML as the filter in the File Properties window. You can then carry out the translation and export your translated documents.
  4. When opening the exported file, click on the “Refresh All Objects” button on the Déjà Vu X2 ribbon tab to be able to see the translated embedded objects.

Microsoft Office filter

Advanced options for importing and exporting Microsoft Office documents
  1. Streamline your work with Word files by eliminating superfluous codes with
    . Activating the “Run CodeZapper” option when importing a Microsoft Office word file automatically eliminates all the unnecessary embedded codes from your Déjà Vu project. This option is accessible from the File Properties window. Watch our e-learning video on CodeZapper
  2. Whatever Office version you are using, always benefit from extensive import and export options. Watch our e-learning video here and discover how to choose the options.

Nested Filter

1. Automatically process embedded HTML markup in your XML, Office 2007 and 2010 documents.

To do so, simply check the option “Process Embedded HTML” in the File Properties window before importing your file.

2. Use regular expressions* to easily turn any type of non-translatable content into Déjà Vu codes.

Enter one or more regular expressions, separated by |, which is the regex OR operator in the option “Ignore Regex Matches” of your import properties. Any portion of the extracted segments which matches the regular expression is converted into an embedded code. Learn how to specify your regex with this e-learning video.

* What are regular expressions?

Regular expressions provide a concise and flexible means for "matching", i.e. specifying and recognizing, strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. The regular expressions follow the ICU syntax described at

August 2011 - Déjà Vu X2 8.0.486

New Analysis function

Redesigned, intuitive and flexible functionality

We redesigned this function with two main objectives in mind:
  1. To provide complete transparency and control over the new functionality, by allowing users to customize its behavior through a comprehensive set of options. The additional functions are disabled by default, ensuring a smooth transition for Déjà Vu clients accustomed to the previous functionality.
  2. To provide the widest range of choices in order to fulfill everyone's expectations.

The analysis functionality is available under the menu Tools/Analysis. Choose the settings that suit you best in the left column, and see the results in the analysis window, as shown in the screenshot below.

New options: Intra-project Analysis and Inter-project Analysis for greater efficiency

Intra-project Analysis: Assess with greater accuracy, ensure the best quality

Intra-project Analysis aims to optimize your analysis by looking into repetitions and similarities within your project. In other words, it assesses the homogeneity of your project. The software cross-analyzes all the segments contained in the project in order to simulate the results that would be obtained by automatically sending them to the TM and/or auto-propagating them during the translation. Running an analysis with this option provides you with a good overview of how to best manage your project: as a freelance translator, you benefit from a more accurate assessment of time and effort required for your project; as a project manager, you are informed of potential redundancy. These results help you to ensure the homogeneity of the translation and thus its quality.

Inter-project Analysis: Forecast, optimize, increase your productivity

Inter-project Analysis allows you to simulate how the completion of other translation projects already in progress would affect the new incoming project. The software compares the content of the newly created project with the content of the project(s) you are working on or which you are waiting to receive from translators. If there are similarities between these projects, the number of guaranteed, exact and fuzzy matches in the incoming project will increase in the analysis, while the number of segments without matches will decrease, reflecting the result of sending the completed ongoing projects to the TM. This enables you, as a freelance translator or a project manager, to predict how ongoing projects will affect your future work, optimize your planning and enhance your productivity.

Complete HTML and CSV report saving

You can save your report in HTML format for official reports, as well as export the analysis results to a CSV file for further data mining.

New Word Count

Counting words in documents can be quite complex and each software tool has its own way of defining what a word is. In DVX2 build 8.0.486, you can choose between Déjà Vu's counting rules and those of Microsoft Word.

Differences between Microsoft Word and Déjà Vu for word counting rules

The main differences between Microsoft Word's count and Déjà Vu's count are related to numbers and how certain separators are handled. For example:

- Déjà Vu does not count numbers as words whereas Word does.

- Word allows a wide range of characters to be present inside words, such as dashes, hyphens and several other types of symbols.

- Déjà Vu only allows apostrophes in contractions for specific languages.

You can select one type of word count or the other when conducting a word count or an analysis in Déjà Vu X2 (under the menu Tools/Word Count and Analysis).

New Feature in DVX2 Professional version: DVX2 Pro 5

From now on, attach up to 5 TMs and 5 TBs in a single project with the DVX2 Professional version.