7/ Analysis

New options: Intra-project Analysis and Inter-project Analysis for greater efficiency

Intra-project Analysis: Assess with greater accuracy, ensure the best quality

Intra-project Analysis aims to optimize your analysis by looking into repetitions and similarities within your project. In other words, it assesses the homogeneity of your project. The software cross-analyzes all the segments contained in the project in order to simulate the results that would be obtained by automatically sending them to the TM and/or auto-propagating them during the translation. Running an analysis with this option provides you with a good overview of how to best manage your project: as a freelance translator, you benefit from a more accurate assessment of time and effort required for your project; as a project manager, you are informed of potential redundancy. These results help you to ensure the homogeneity of the translation and thus its quality.


Inter-project Analysis: Forecast, optimize, increase your productivity

Inter-project Analysis allows you to simulate how the completion of other translation projects already in progress would affect the new incoming project. The software compares the content of the newly created project with the content of the project(s) you are working on or which you are waiting to receive from translators. If there are similarities between these projects, the number of guaranteed, exact and fuzzy matches in the incoming project will increase in the analysis, while the number of segments without matches will decrease, reflecting the result of sending the completed ongoing projects to the TM. This enables you, as a freelance translator or a project manager, to predict how ongoing projects will affect your future work, optimize your planning and enhance your productivity.